Brestrogen Breast Cream Popularity

Brestrogen breast cream has been selling for a little over 3 years now and I wanted to write about the success this product has had in the marketplace. I not only sell the product I also use it often. Most breast enhancement creams sold online usually flop after the first 6 months, the main reason is that they usually don’t work.

As I was looking at sales the other day I noticed that 4 out of 5 women reorder Brestrogen cream making it to date one of the best-selling breast creams, in case you were wondering who is in second place that would be Breast Actives.

Brestrogen Breast Cream

In case you are wondering why Brestrogen has sold so well, I will explain why women love the product so much. => Learn more about Brestrogen

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Two Popular Methods to Naturally Increase Breast Size

Screen shot 2015-07-12 at 9.01.02 AMWhile breast surgery may seem like the way to go for making your breasts bigger, many times it’s not necessary, most women can benefit from a slight increase in breast size by using a two safe and very practical methods that are not only very inexpensive they are also very safe and have no long-term side effects.

The media is one of the biggest culprits that make women feel like they should have humongous breasts, but most men will love your breast just the way they are, and yes there are women that have extremely tiny breast but even so there are ways to make them bigger.

What to expect

Depending on the method you choose you can expect to gain between one and four cup sizes larger, women of any age can benefit from these methods, not only can they make your breasts bigger, certain creams can also help lift and firm your breasts while reducing sagging at the same time.

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The Pros and Cons of Breast Enhancement Creams

Everyone tells you all the good things about breast creams but no one tells you about the bad. There are so many products available it can often be very hard to figure out which one is best, they all claim to give women bigger breasts but they don’t really tell you much more.

Breast creams come with many different ingredients, some are bundled with herbal pills, ultimately the purpose of using a breast cream is to improve the overall size and appearance of your breasts.


Volufiline is popular ingredient found in many breast creams, it has been scientifically developed to stimulate fat cell growth in the breast tissue making the breast larger, most creams containing Volufiline can increase a woman’s bust size anywhere between 8.5% and 10%,  the only drawback is that often these creams also contain parabens,  and while the amount is negligible it is still something many women don’t want to put in to their body. Breast creams containing Volufiline include Total Curve and Bountiful breasts.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraira Mirifica is another popular herb found in breast creams, Pueraira Mirifica can be used in a cream form or is also sold in a powder, either way this herb can stimulate natural estrogen production and has been proven to increase breast size, some of the other benefits of Pueraira Mirifica is that it boosts collagen production, helping eliminate stretch marks and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

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Reasons Why Nice looking Breasts are better than a Big Butt

Woman in lingerie covering breastsWhile you may be thinking that having a big behind is nicer than firm and rounder breasts, think again, over the last few years 2010 to be exact big butts have become more and more popular, many women have fantasized about having a big booty and for a good reason, stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj have made big butts all the rage. While you may think this is the norm, you may call me old school but I personally believe nice breasts are still a better asset than a big butt, and I will tell you why.

Nice breasts are the finishing touch on the female body, there is nothing sexier than a woman looking you in the eyes and just a few inches below are a nice pair of intrigue and mystery, most men love to fantasize about what is underneath that garment, a butt is just that, most women flaunting their butt are doing so with a tight pair of pants “ jeans” which leaves very little to the imagination.

Breasts look much better in bikinis

A nice firm pair of breasts are the ultimate eye candy, slightly covered with that bikini top and showing almost everything, the nipples are still covered, leaving a lot for the male imagination to ponder, sure G strings are legal but there again there is nothing left to the imagination, women with larger butts who wear normal cut bikini bottoms don’t look right because there is always something hanging out around the sides, whereas with breast a little extra hanging out looks nice and natural.

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Benefits of Brestrogen Breast Firming Cream

Brestrogen is a popular breast firming cream that helps women lift and firm their breasts, in fact, it is marketed as a product to help increase breast size up to two cup sizes larger.

Most women will have success using the product, however, Brestrogen can offer women much more than just bigger breasts.

Benefits of Brestrogen Breast Firming Cream

Pueraria Mirifica

The active ingredient in Brestrogen is a common herb found in Thailand known as Pueraria Mirifica, it has often been called the “elixir of youth”. This popular herb is not only found in breast creams, it is also sold in a powder form. Pueraria Mirifica contains phytoestrogens which cause elevated estrogen-like effects in women. Prolonged use “6 weeks or more” can swell breast tissue as well as the underlying milk ducts, it also promotes more blood flow in the breast tissue making the breasts firmer and fuller.

Fuller more lifted breasts

So maybe you already have large breasts and are looking for something to make your breast firmer and more lifted, many older women suffer from sagging breasts,  this is caused by stretching of the underlying ligaments in the breast causing them to sag, Brestrogen can help restore elasticity making them smoother and giving them a more youthful appearance.

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Realistic Expectations from Breast Enhancement Creams

Woman in purple lingerie with nice breastsIn the world of bust enlargement women know that surgery is king, but in spite of its risks, it is still the number one option for achieving a bigger bust size, for those women who are still on the fence about whether to go that route or not there are other options that do not require surgery.

Herbal creams are a good way for women to increase their bust size, but you should be aware that before you consider natural enhancement methods by no means can you gain anything close to the size you could with surgery.

Realistic gains and expectations

One of the biggest problems with herbal creams is that women have very unrealistic expectations of natural enlargement methods. Using a cream can have varying effects from one woman to another, some will see better results than others and a lot of this is simply due to genetics, this is no different than two people taking a weight loss pill and one losing more weight than the other, that is because of the difference in metabolism of each person.

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The Perfect Bra can Make Perfect Breasts

Woman with perfect breastsEvery woman has a different body type and shopping for a bra is no different than shopping for clothes, depending on your body type it may be easy for you to find the perfect bra,  but if you are a woman who falls in to the extremes of either small breasts or large ones it can be hard to find a bra that fits you like a glove, a well supportive bra can make all the difference in your appearance,  so while it may be tedious and time consuming to find that perfect fit, choosing the right bra should be something worth taking the time for.

Your breast type

Large breasts are considered anything from a C cup or above, women with a C cup bust size or larger should consider purchasing a bra with good support, this will help reduce sagging and prevent ligament and tissue breakdown in the future.

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Preventing Sagging Breasts While Loosing Weight

Overwheight woman trying to button pantsThe other day while I was at the gym I was working out with a friend which gave me more than plenty of time to observe my surroundings. I had seen many of the men and women there over a period of time and when you go to the gym everyday, some people show drastic changes while others do not.

While I observed, I saw many different women who I had glanced at before and three women in particular when they joined the gym where slightly overweight yet firm. For most of us our main goal is to hit the ground running and do whatever it takes to loose weight, but rapid weight loss if not done properly can take its toll on a woman’s body.

The three women I mention had been working out for about two months, they had lost weight but their breasts had become noticeably softer and they appeared to sag more. When women lose weight fast sometimes their skins elasticity cant keep up causing excess sagging, not only in the breasts but in the arms and inner thighs.

While most women want to shed pounds fast it can cause certain parts of your body to sag, so it is important to start a slow weight loss regimen and not try to lose 10 pounds over night, this is actually much easier to do and the pounds you loose will stay off and you wont be faced with harsh diets.


Any kind of cardiovascular exercise is great for burning fat, while at the same time strengthening the heart muscle,  but to much to fast not only will burn fat it will also burn muscle, so if you can keep your cardio workouts between 15 and 20 minutes per day that is great.

Lift more weightsWoman performing squats

Weightlifting is key to building muscle and firming the body, the more toned muscle you have the more calories you will burn and the firmer your body will become, remember dense muscle weighs more than fat so don’t worry about the scale.

Stick to core exercises such as squats and lunges for legs and buttocks, stiff legged dead lifts can improve flexibility and muscle strength in the hamstrings and gluteus. For your chest do pushups, dumbbell press and flies which will target your chest helping lift and firm your breasts.

Diet is important

500297209Most people think of dieting as taking away everything you like, the best thing is to eat clean, stick to non processed foods, grilled chicken, fish lean beef, lamb, rice and green vegetables, any meal with grilled meet a green salad and a baked potato with a dash of chives and sour cream is not going to kill you. If you can switch your meals up eating clean between 4 and 5 days per week and on the weekend you vary things and splurge a little. Stay away from fast foods and sweets when possible.

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Tips to Keep Your Breasts Beautiful

Woman with nice breasts with black topLike it or not, as much as women hate the fact that breasts are a focal point of people, especially men. Nice looking breast will never go unnoticed, and nice looking breasts always turn heads. Women face many changes during their lifetime that can affect their breasts, including pregnancy, rapid weight loss, and weight gain, as well as hormonal imbalances which can affect the look and feel of the breast over time.

I can vividly remember my nana dressing one Sunday morning before church and telling me as a little girl, “make sure you wear your bra and take care of your breasts, if not they will be like mine hanging down below your belly” I can only imagine what my face looked like when she said that and I saw her breasts, not a pretty picture. Since then as I became older, I always paid special attention to my breasts making sure I keep them from looking like my nanas.

Wear a good bra

When women are younger cell growth and hormones are flowing in abundance and breast are full and perky, but just because they are, it’s important to make sure you give them plenty of support. Smaller breasted women don’t require the same support that bigger breasted women do. But it is still important to choose a good supporting bra and if possible avoid underwire bras. Besides claims that the metal coating and plastics in these bras can cause cancer, they do affect certain pressure points in a woman’s body. These pressure points include the stomach, gallbladder, and liver, so find a bra with no underwire that can give you adequate support.

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Take Advantage of Brestrogens’s 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Woman in Bikini with Nice BreastsBigger breasts are something that most women long for, but maybe you are not looking for bigger breasts, maybe just fuller and firmer breasts. Brestrogen is a safe way to enhance the look of your breasts. Brestrogen is a product that can help you feel more confident about yourself giving you bigger, fuller and firmer looking breasts in less than 3 months.

The formula in Brestrogen has been tested time and time again, which is why it is one of the leading breast enhancement products on the market today, offering women a safe and all natural alternative to breast surgery. Brestrogen is a breast cream that is easy to use and is something that will help you improve the overall look and feel of your breasts.

Brestrogen is made with all natural quality ingredients

There are no harmful chemicals or parabens in Brestrogen, the main ingredient in Brestrogen is Pueraria Mirifica which is what makes your breasts fuller and firmer, when Brestrogen is applied to your breasts it creates a normal process of stimulating blood flow, causing natural tissue growth along with increasing the size of the underlying milk ducts. This is normally what happens to women when they are pregnant or when estrogen is at normal levels, helping the breasts look fuller and firmer.

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