Breast Creams for Bigger Boobs

Woman with white bra measuring breasts

Breast enhancement is something that most women should not neglect, especially as they age, some women may have considered breast augmentation or bust lift surgery, however, it does have its drawbacks, it can be expensive, risky, and at the end of the day for many its not worth it.

If you have considered making your boobs bigger there are several ways this can be done without a surgical procedure, most of theses methods are inexpensive, safe and will not have side effects, in this article I will discuss a few different breast creams that can help improve the size and look of your boobs.

Woman with white bra measuring breasts

One of the most common methods has always been using a breast cream, breast enhancement creams are a practical way for women to add 1-2 cups sizes to their breasts, using a breast cream usually involves massaging the cream into the breasts twice a day, the way they work is by stimulating female hormones.

Women with low estrogen levels tend to suffer from sagging breasts making them look flat, using a breast lift cream can help reduce sagging and increase breast size,  the way they work is by mimicking estrogen production, what this does is swell the adipose “fatty” tissue and milk ducts within the breasts making the breasts fuller, firmer and bigger.

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What is the Better Breast Enlargement Cream

What is the Better Breast Enlargement Cream Brestrogen or Vollure?

Searching for a breast enlargement cream online can take its toll, and yes breast creams can make a big difference in the appearance of your breasts. Breast enhancement creams may seem expensive but they are well worth the money. The real question is what is the best option.

Woman in black bra showing off firm breastsIn this article, I will review two of the top selling breast creams to help you make an educated choice.  Both Vollure and Brestrogen have been in the marketplace for some time, both do provide exceptional benefits, each one has different ingredients, yet are very effective in their own way.

The reason I chose these two products is because both are paraben free and are safe for everyday use, unlike other breast creams that come accompanied with a dietary supplement both of these breast enhancement creams are simple to use and only need to be applied twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night after a shower or bath.

Brestrogen breast serum

4 oz bottle of Brestrogen creamA one-month supply of Brestrogen (4 oz) cost $74.97 and is cheaper if you purchase a larger quantity. Brestrogen contains concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica which has been proven to increase breast size.

Brestrogen works by naturally mimicking estrogen production, when Brestrogen is massaged into the breast it helps improve blood flow and increases the size of the underlying milk ducts, this is a completely natural process, lack of estrogen is often one of the causes of sagging or drooping breasts. => Click here to learn more

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Why Small Breasts Are Better than Big Fake Ones

Like it or not men love breasts and while they are not a man’s only attraction, for centuries a woman’s bosom has been the symbol of sex and fertility, any woman knows that a nice pair of breast can draw any man’s attention. For decades, women have strived for bigger breasts.While most men may gawk at a big fake bosom, ask any guy and he will say that natural is better, regardless of size and I will tell you why.

Screen shot 2015-05-23 at 2.50.10 PMFake breasts only draw short-lived attention

Sorry ladies, while you may like to think that those big round boobs will draw a man’s attention, they will but only for an instant, while they may look great, at the end of the day most men would love to have a one night stand with you, especially men who have never slept with a woman with fake breasts in the first place, after that, the rest may be history.

Plastic coated breasts

While this may sound a bit harsh, I can remember my grandma having plastic over her lovely and comfortable sofa, but as nice as it was the plastic blew it, breast are no different, underneath that muscle or skin fake breasts are simply liquid filled  plastic bags, most men would prefer to fondle small natural breasts any day.

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What Breast Enlargement Method is Right for You

There are many women who are obsessed with breast size, and with the mass media and peer pressure its no wonder many women desire bigger breasts, not every guy fantasizes of large breasts, but there are some who do and many of their fantasies are sexual in nature, most men will prefer firm and natural looking breasts over great big ones, if you fall in the category of no breasts or extremely small breast then you may have a legitimate concern, but its not the end of the world because there are things that can be done to increase them in size.

Unfortunately abreast augmentation surgery  is one of the most common methods for women to increase bust size but it does have some risks beginning with anaesthesia, possible implants rupturing and even allergic reactions from the implants are all a possibility, usually the percentage of risks is low. However if you can afford breast surgery and are willing to take the risk, breast surgery may be right for you.

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Cheap Breast Cream – You Get What You Pay For

In the world of natural breast enlargement, there are certain things that should be considered before purchasing a breast cream. You may have decided that using one may be a good and inexpensive way to make your breasts bigger, but like anything else, buying a cheap product is not always a good idea.

Quality breast creams

There are different grades of breasts creams, some can cost as little as $30.00 but before you go out and try and save yourself some money, you might want to do some careful research first. Using a cheaply made breast cream may be just as risky as opting for breast surgery.

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Birth Control Pills and Bigger Breasts

Birth Control pills and calendarThere are many women who claim that their breasts grow when taking birth control pills and yes this does hold some truth, contraceptive pills can make your breasts bigger, the key thing is that before considering any kind of contraceptive pill it is very important to speak with your doctor first.

How they work

The female breast actually has estrogen receptors so if the contraceptive you are taking contains estrogen it is most likely that you can expect an increase in breast size, however, this is not the case for all women. Every woman will react differently to higher estrogen levels, in fact, some women may not only notice an increase in breast size other women may gain weight. Unfortunately, most breast pills don’t contain the high amounts of estrogen that they used to so the impact on breast growth may be minimal.

Side effects

While birth control pills might seem like a logical way to increase breast size, they can have side effects. Some of the side effects can include dizziness, tender breasts, headache, nausea and even excess bleeding but this is in extreme cases. A contraceptive should be taken for only one reason and that is to prevent pregnancy, if in fact your breasts do grow then you, in fact, received a double benefit from the pill. Birth control pills with higher doses of estrogen are more likely to increase breast size, however, you must also be aware that there have been several studies linking prolonged or excessive contraceptive use to certain types of cancer.

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Women Need Patience for Natural Breast Enhancement to Work

Young woman with attractive breastsNatural bust enhancement is a popular way for women to increase their bust size, natural enhancement has many advantages, it can reduce sagging breasts and make them fuller and firmer. One reason women fail using natural methods is because most don’t have the patience to stick with a program or to be consistent.

Regardless of the method you choose you must know it will generally take about 8 weeks before you begin to see results, for some women it can take longer,  after 4 to 8 weeks you should see at least one cup size larger, the longer you use a particular method the more noticeable the results become.

Choosing the right product

The biggest mistake women make is selecting the wrong product, if you are seriously considering a natural method to increase your bust size you need to be honest with yourself, for starters there are some questions you should ask such as:

  • What is your current cup size
  • How much bigger do you want your breasts
  • Are your expectations realistic
  • Do you have the patience to wait for results
  • What is your budget

Women with very small breasts will initially want to avoid a bust enlargement cream because the gains will be minimal, a breast enlargement pump would be a better choice, it is more capable of producing new tissue growth and better results. Women who have used a pump have achieved tremendous gains, some up to 4 cup sizes larger.

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Making Both your Breasts the Same Size

Lady in black bikino top measuiring breast sizeIt is not uncommon for us to have one body part that is bigger than the other, a foot or a hand will differ slightly in size and the female breast is no different, this is known as breast asymmetry, there is really no known reason why this happens.

There are theories that it could be caused by an injury early in life “adolescence” or hormonal changes when women are younger, while most people will not notice it, you do. Sometimes it’s most noticeable when you put your bra on and one breast fills a cup better than the other.

Can your breasts be evened out

Some will say you need a surgical procedure to make them both the same size but surgery may be a little extreme, there are some inexpensive methods you can perform to make your breasts a little more even.

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Fighting Sagging Breasts

Jana Thompson in BikiniLike it or not breasts are one of those things that give a woman the finishing touch, it adds the curves to their body and makes them look full and beautiful, ask the average guy about breasts and most will say it’s the second thing they look after a woman’s face.

There are many factors that can cause sagging breasts, gravity is the number one culprit and the larger the breasts the more likely they are to sag, besides gravity the breasts have ligaments which support the breasts, that is why its very important for women with bigger breasts to wear a well supportive sports bra. Performing certain sports activities will create a lot of movement such as jogging, tennis or aerobic exercises, doing these types of exercise can stretch the ligaments and the skin causing the breast to sag, which is why good sports bra is important.

Breasts after pregnancy

After pregnancy a woman’s breasts become full with milk and will remain that way for a period of time, especially if she promotes breastfeeding, during that period the milk ducts increase in size, making the breasts larger, when she discontinues breastfeeding the milk ducts begin to shrink this is called breast involution, what happens then is the inner milk ducts shrink making the breasts look smaller and in many cases they lose their fullness and begin to sag. This also happens to women who are going through menopause.

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Making Your Breasts Look Nicer With Clothes

Woman in black low cut dressThe fashion world can tell women what to wear and all of the latest trends,  but when it comes down to what’s hot and what’s not, those glossy pages with all those attractive models showing off their assets does not help you, in fact when it comes to your breasts it is important they they stand out because they are a natural body part that highlights your overall figure. Regardless of your breast size big or small, the important thing is to make what you have looked great.

Most women find it hard to dress for their breast size, most women’s breasts are not perfectly shaped and most women don’t have naturally perky breasts, to begin with. Some women even try wearing loose-fitting tops, which does not look right, once again, regardless of your breast size it is important to show them off, the curvier you look the more attractive you are, which can also boost your self-confidence giving you that extra good feeling about yourself.

Women with small breasts

Women with small breasts tend to have pear-shaped bodies with a thicker butt and hips, if Woman with low cut dressyou have this body type it’s important to try and make the focus above your waist and on your breasts, there are certain things you can do to accomplish this.

Your breast is not the only thing that looks sexy, if you have small breasts try wearing a blouse that is low cut around the shoulders, wearing off the shoulder tops or tank tops will show your off shoulders making men focus more towards the top of your body. Add a push-up bra with the tank top and it will make your breasts look fuller and add more cleavage.

Wearing colorful scarfs and dark pants or slacks will make men focus more towards the top and make your waist and hips look smaller. Gathered blouses also have a tendency to make your breasts look larger.

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