Breast Cream for All Natural Breast Augmentation

Using a Breast Cream to Make Your Breasts Bigger

Many women get flustered contemplating ways to make their breasts larger, firmer and perkier.

While breast augmentation surgery is an option, it is also a dangerous and risky procedure, at the end of the day those saline or silicone breasts just don’t look right, sure they are bigger, but many men prefer all natural breasts that are soft but firm and smooth to the touch.

Woman with breast cream in hand

Breast creams are a good way to enhance the look and feel of a woman’s breasts; there are many breast creams available on the market that can give women the results they are looking for.

Some women may also want firmer and more lifted breasts which can be achieved with inexpensive products.

The only downside of using breast creams is the length of time it can take to achieve your desired results. Most breast creams take anywhere from two to six months before you see full results.

Like anything else, there are plenty of naysayers that breast creams don’t work, but on the other hand, there are thousands of women who have achieved great results by using different breast cream products.

Making breasts grow larger is not really rocket science. The female breast is composed of underlying muscle and covered by lots of fatty tissue, obviously if a woman gains weight her breasts will grow; most women are not going to want to gain weight for the sake of larger breasts.

Most popular breast creams contain herbal ingredients that help women achieve fuller, firmer and larger breasts.  Most creams are applied by rubbing the cream or serum into the breast.

Herbs such as Pueraria Mirifica, fenugreek seed and Black Cohosh contain Phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens stimulate natural estrogen production in women, causing the breast to grow.

Increased estrogen also stimulates the milk ducts in the breast, providing women with fuller firmer and shapelier breasts.

Who should consider using breast creams?

You should not consider using any kind of breast enhancement product until after the age of 18, let your own body fulfill its natural potential, after that you may want to go ahead and consider using a breast cream.

Many women think that breast enhancement supplements are just suited for younger women.

Older women will see huge benefits from using breast creams, women after the age of 40 will begin to show signs of sagging which can be due to rapid weight gain or weight loss, or maybe a  previous pregnancy. Applying a breast cream twice a day can help firm and lift saggy breasts making them smoother, rounder and firmer.

Speeding up the breast enlargement process

Unlike breast surgery, where you essentially go in one day for the procedure and come out the next with larger boobs.

Natural breast enlargement takes time and consistency, some women will not rely completely on a breast cream itself, and some will use other methods of breast enlargement, perhaps using a breast enlargement pump, or adding key supplements to their diet as well as performing special exercises.

Doing Pushups or performing chest exercises with light dumbbells will help speed up the breast growth process.

Practicing natural breast enlargement methods should be seen by women as a journey into improving the look of their breasts, while it is a much slower process than surgery, the end results can be just as good and much safer.