Brestrogen Frequently Asked Questions

BrestrogenBrestrogen is a fairly new breast cream that was released in late 2012, it has been a big seller among women looking to increase the look, size and feel of their breasts. Below is a list of questions we have received from women with concerns they have had before purchasing Brestrogen,  below is their questions with the appropriate answer.

Angela C.

How old do I have to be to use Brestrogen?

Hi Angela that’s a good question,  Brestrogen is recommended for women over the age of 21.

Lindsay F.

Who should not use Brestrogen?

Hi Lindsay women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid using Brestrogen.

Jennifer W.

How safe is Brestrogen?

Brestrogen Is very safe, in fact the primary ingredient in Brestrogen is Pueraria Mirifica also known as Kwau Krua, this herb has been used by women in Thailand for centuries. Pueraria Mirifica is now extracted and used in many beauty products,  it has been clinically proven not to cause any  side effects, making it completely safe for everyday use.

Deborah G.

How will I know if Brestrogen will work for me?

Genetics play a large role in breast development but in 99% of the cases women who used Brestrogen for a period of 12 weeks gained a minimum of one cup size, with regular use most women will achieve up to two cup sizes.

Olivia H.

I am an A cup, what size can I expect to achieve using Brestrogen?

Hi Olivia if you look to the right of our web page there is a breast size calculator, simply select your current cup size and then select calculate, it will then give you a rough idea of what size you can achieve.

Alex T .

I am a Transgender male will Brestrogen work for me?

Hi Alex this all depends on your current development, in most cases many males tend to have a higher concentration of Testosterone which overpowers estrogen levels in the male body, therefore it would not be recommended for you. However there are products out there that may be more effective products such as Naturedays breast enlargement products.

Maureen B.

I am in my mid 50’s and am experiencing some significant sagging in my breasts; can I expect to see results from Brestrogen?

Hi Maureen there is no reason why Brestrogen will not work for you, in fact Brestrogen has been called the “Elixir of youth” it has many proven anti aging properties,  these include removing wrinkles from the skin as well as alleviating menopausal symptoms in older women,  along with making their breasts fuller and firmer which means less sagging in the breasts.

Sarah Z.

How long does it really take Brestrogen to work?

Hi Sarah that’s a great question, many women expect overnight results and we all know nothing happens over night, but women who begin to use Brestrogen will begin to see subtle results after the first week of use, this does not mean breast growth. In the first week or two you will begin to feel tightness and more fullness in the breasts, after ten weeks you will definitely begin to see breast growth. The full effects of Brestrogen take about 3 to 6 months.

Tiffany L.

Can I get a refund if Brestrogen does not work for me?

Brestrogen is so confident in their product that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If  you are not completely satisfied with Brestrogen they will refund you your money.

Candice H.

I would like to purchase Brestrogen but I don’t want my boyfriend to know,  how is this product shipped?

Hi Candice Brestrogen respects your privacy and it ships in a plain brown box so that anyone who receives the product will not know what the contents are.

Stephanie H.

What does the minimum purchase of Brestrogen cost?

Hi Stephanie the smallest purchase costs around $74.97.00 but currently Brestrogen has a sale offer of purchase 4 boxes of Brestrogen for the price of 3 which is the best value saving you over 34%.

Brestrogen Price

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