How Brestrogen Works

We know there are a lot of skeptics out there questioning the legitimacy of Brestrogen to increase the size of their breasts, there is no mystery behind the ingredients, Pueraria Mirifica has been used by women in Thailand for centuries. Combining all the right herbs in to one cream can do wonders for your breasts, making them firmer, smoother and larger.

While there are many competing products on the market,  we ask that you to take a close look at them. None of them come close to having the same concentration of active ingredients that Brestrogen does and no parabens.

Brestrogen comes in a 50 ml airless spray bottle making it very easy to apply, the cream is easily absorbed in to the skin making it very practical to be used after a shower or bath, Pueraria Mirifica also goes by the name “Kwao Krua”.

The chemistry in Pueraria Mirifica includes a powerful combination of phytoestrogens which mimics natural estrogen production, when Brestrogen is applied directly to the breast it helps tissue growth, Pueraria Mirifica itself contains miroestrol, daidzen, genistin, sitosterol, coumestrol, campesterol and mirificine.

The above combination of herbs is what make this breast serum so effective in developing breast tissue. It does this by lengthening the milk ducts that connect the nipple and at the Womans Milk Ductssame time increasing fatty tissue in the underlying ligaments In the breast, giving you larger, firmer and perkier breasts, the best thing about Brestrogen is that it is perfectly safe for everyday use.

How long before I see results?

This is the number one question asked by women, if you use this breast serum as directed which is twice a day every day,  you will begin to see results in the first few weeks of use.  Most women notice a big difference in about seven weeks, for a one cup size increase it normally takes about three months and most women will see an increase of two cup sizes or slightly larger in six months.

The one thing to remember is to be patient, sure you can go ahead and have breast surgery which is almost instant,  but there are some serious secondary side effects that can be caused by breast implant surgery, using a breast cream  only requires a few months and you will begin to see positive results and the best part of all is there are no side effects.

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