Birth Control Pills and Bigger Breasts

Birth Control pills and calendarThere are many women who claim that their breasts grow when taking birth control pills and yes this does hold some truth, contraceptive pills can make your breasts bigger, the key thing is that before considering any kind of contraceptive pill it is very important to speak with your doctor first.

How they work

The female breast actually has estrogen receptors so if the contraceptive you are taking contains estrogen it is most likely that you can expect an increase in breast size, however, this is not the case for all women. Every woman will react differently to higher estrogen levels, in fact, some women may not only notice an increase in breast size other women may gain weight. Unfortunately, most breast pills don’t contain the high amounts of estrogen that they used to so the impact on breast growth may be minimal.

Side effects

While birth control pills might seem like a logical way to increase breast size, they can have side effects. Some of the side effects can include dizziness, tender breasts, headache, nausea and even excess bleeding but this is in extreme cases. A contraceptive should be taken for only one reason and that is to prevent pregnancy, if in fact your breasts do grow then you, in fact, received a double benefit from the pill. Birth control pills with higher doses of estrogen are more likely to increase breast size, however, you must also be aware that there have been several studies linking prolonged or excessive contraceptive use to certain types of cancer.

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The Perfect Bra can Make Perfect Breasts

Woman with perfect breastsEvery woman has a different body type and shopping for a bra is no different than shopping for clothes, depending on your body type it may be easy for you to find the perfect bra,  but if you are a woman who falls in to the extremes of either small breasts or large ones it can be hard to find a bra that fits you like a glove, a well supportive bra can make all the difference in your appearance,  so while it may be tedious and time consuming to find that perfect fit, choosing the right bra should be something worth taking the time for.

Your breast type

Large breasts are considered anything from a C cup or above, women with a C cup bust size or larger should consider purchasing a bra with good support, this will help reduce sagging and prevent ligament and tissue breakdown in the future.

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Fighting Sagging Breasts

Jana Thompson in BikiniLike it or not breasts are one of those things that give a woman the finishing touch, it adds the curves to their body and makes them look full and beautiful, ask the average guy about breasts and most will say it’s the second thing they look after a woman’s face.

There are many factors that can cause sagging breasts, gravity is the number one culprit and the larger the breasts the more likely they are to sag, besides gravity the breasts have ligaments which support the breasts, that is why its very important for women with bigger breasts to wear a well supportive sports bra. Performing certain sports activities will create a lot of movement such as jogging, tennis or aerobic exercises, doing these types of exercise can stretch the ligaments and the skin causing the breast to sag, which is why good sports bra is important.

Breasts after pregnancy

After pregnancy a woman’s breasts become full with milk and will remain that way for a period of time, especially if she promotes breastfeeding, during that period the milk ducts increase in size, making the breasts larger, when she discontinues breastfeeding the milk ducts begin to shrink this is called breast involution, what happens then is the inner milk ducts shrink making the breasts look smaller and in many cases they lose their fullness and begin to sag. This also happens to women who are going through menopause.

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Preventing Sagging Breasts While Loosing Weight

Overwheight woman trying to button pantsThe other day while I was at the gym I was working out with a friend which gave me more than plenty of time to observe my surroundings. I had seen many of the men and women there over a period of time and when you go to the gym everyday, some people show drastic changes while others do not.

While I observed, I saw many different women who I had glanced at before and three women in particular when they joined the gym where slightly overweight yet firm. For most of us our main goal is to hit the ground running and do whatever it takes to loose weight, but rapid weight loss if not done properly can take its toll on a woman’s body.

The three women I mention had been working out for about two months, they had lost weight but their breasts had become noticeably softer and they appeared to sag more. When women lose weight fast sometimes their skins elasticity cant keep up causing excess sagging, not only in the breasts but in the arms and inner thighs.

While most women want to shed pounds fast it can cause certain parts of your body to sag, so it is important to start a slow weight loss regimen and not try to lose 10 pounds over night, this is actually much easier to do and the pounds you loose will stay off and you wont be faced with harsh diets.


Any kind of cardiovascular exercise is great for burning fat, while at the same time strengthening the heart muscle,  but to much to fast not only will burn fat it will also burn muscle, so if you can keep your cardio workouts between 15 and 20 minutes per day that is great.

Lift more weightsWoman performing squats

Weightlifting is key to building muscle and firming the body, the more toned muscle you have the more calories you will burn and the firmer your body will become, remember dense muscle weighs more than fat so don’t worry about the scale.

Stick to core exercises such as squats and lunges for legs and buttocks, stiff legged dead lifts can improve flexibility and muscle strength in the hamstrings and gluteus. For your chest do pushups, dumbbell press and flies which will target your chest helping lift and firm your breasts.

Diet is important

500297209Most people think of dieting as taking away everything you like, the best thing is to eat clean, stick to non processed foods, grilled chicken, fish lean beef, lamb, rice and green vegetables, any meal with grilled meet a green salad and a baked potato with a dash of chives and sour cream is not going to kill you. If you can switch your meals up eating clean between 4 and 5 days per week and on the weekend you vary things and splurge a little. Stay away from fast foods and sweets when possible.

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Non Surgical Breast Lift

Woman wearing bra with breast scarsIf you are a woman who is suffering from sagging or droopy breasts and have been contemplating surgery to correct your breasts, you may want to look at some alternative options that are completely safe and all natural.

Why avoid surgery

Surgical breast lifts can be more expensive and risky than normal breast implant surgery, the reason being is when breast augmentation surgery is performed, normally a small incision is necessary to place the implants, whereas with breast lift surgery there are several incisions needed to lift and stretch the skin, to pull and lift the breast back in to place which can cause severe scarring. So as long as you are not worried about the way your breasts will look after the lift, you may want to consider it.

Nourishing breast masks

Women spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their facial skin, making sure it’s smooth and wrinkle free, the breasts should be treated no different. There are several natural nourishing masks that will cost you almost nothing to make, and can be applied anytime. For example, a tablespoon of olive oil combined with a mashed banana makes a wonderful mask for your breasts, apply it on your breasts, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. You can also apply thin cucumber slices to your breasts leave on for 30 minutes this will keep your breasts moisturized and keep your skin wrinkle-free. Do either or both of these procedures two or three times per week for maximum effectiveness.

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Natural Breast Enlargement Creams

Perfect BoobsSo you have decided that you would like to have bigger breasts,  you’ve looked in to breast surgery as an option, maybe you feel your breast size is almost there but you don’t want to risks a surgical procedure, yet the million dollar question is, what are your options.

Breast enhancement creams are a very popular way for women to increase their breast size, sure you could probably find all the right ingredients and try to make you own, but for the cost of most breast creams you are much better off purchasing a proven product which can enlarge your breasts with no known side effects.

When looking for a natural breast cream, there are several things you should take in to consideration, such as how long has the company been in business,  and do they offer some kind of money back guarantee and what kind of results you can expect from their product.

There are many different natural breast creams that promise great results, from our experience we will outline the top three breast enlargement creams, these products can offer you great results that will not only help you achieve bigger breasts, they can give you fuller firmer breasts and prevent breasts from sagging.


Natureday ProductsNatureday is a breast cream that receives rave reviews from its customers about how well their cream works, in fact Natureday claims that using their breast cream can increase your breast size up to four cup sizes larger in as little as six months.

Natureday not only sells a breast cream, they also sell a natural tonic and a specially formulated breast soap which is meant to make your breasts smoother. Naureday says  that both men and women can benefit from their products. A 3oz jar of  Natureday breast cream cost $37.00,  their product can make your breasts firmer, fuller and larger in as little as 8 weeks. => Click here to visit the official Natureday Website <=

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Fighting Gravity and Sagging Breasts

Girls with beutiful breastsIf there is one thing in life we have a hard time changing it is the negative effects of aging. Aging affects everyone and unless you are blessed with super genetics, sagging breast will affect many women at some point in the life. Gravity can especially affect women and more importantly their breasts. As we age we lose skin elasticity which makes things in our body go south especially the breasts.

There are many reasons the breasts are affected more than any other part of the body and that is because they are mostly composed of fatty tissue, which can change drastically due to pregnancy, rapid weight loss or weight gain, poor diet, and smoking.

There are many things women can do to prevent the natural effects of sagging breasts and below we will outline just a few of them.

Eating the right foods

Food has a big effect on our body and believe it or not a woman’s breasts can benefit from several foods that contain high levels of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens come from certain foods and they actually mimic natural estrogen production in women, Fenugreek seed, fennel seed, Yams, soybeans, lentils and kidney beans can all promote natural estrogen production in women, more estrogen can help keep the breasts firm and fuller , not only that they can help reduce certain kinds of cancer.

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Herbal Breast Augmentation for Larger Breasts

Woman Measuring ChestEach year there are thousands of women that opt into surgery for breast augmentation which can be expensive and risky. The cost of this type of cosmetic surgery sometimes even causes some women to seek out help by getting breast augmentation in other countries where the surgery is less expensive than in North America. Any type of surgery is a major risk especially when it comes to your health and well-being.

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation is absolutely no different, you are risking your finances by opting into an expensive surgery, risking your life by going under local anesthetic and also exposing yourself to side effects if there’s ever any problem or reaction because of the implants in your body. Luckily there is a new all-natural solution that can help you receive healthy results with very low risk and little expense when compared to that of breast augmentation surgery.

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Benefits of Natural Breast Enlargement

Lady measuiring breast size

Wpman takin breast measurementIf you are one of those women who is confused with choosing natural breast enlargement procedures over breast augmentation surgeries, then you should first consider thinking about the benefits of these natural procedures. As you learn its benefits, you can make a decision on just trying the natural ways instead of paying for undergoing such procedures. There are many benefits that you can consider thinking about it such as the following:

  •  Adverse side effects are eradicated

You are assured that you will not have to undergo several tests before implants will be used since there are no implants needed. Only natural growth is promoted.

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