Comparing Breast Actives with Brestrogen Cream

Comparing Breast Actives with Brestrogen cream which breast enhancement cream delivers the best results?

There are many women who are looking to enhance their breasts, maybe they want them bigger, others want them perkier, while others would like to avoid surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is an option, but the risks involved are not worth it. In the breast enhancement world, there are many different breast creams that can help women gain bigger, fuller, and nicer looking breasts at a fraction of the cost of breast surgery.

Woman measuring large breasts

The two most popular products available today are Breast Actives and Brestrogen. Below I will compare Breast Actives with Brestrogen Cream,

Breast Actives is a company that has been around since 2002 helping women achieve fuller and larger breasts, the companies longevity has a lot to say about the product. A company selling a breast enlargement product that does not deliver results will quickly cease to exist. News travels fast amongst the female Internet community. However, BreastActives has maintained a solid reputation and continues to deliver a quality product.

When you approach the BreastActives website they have a very professionally done front page that boasts the tagline. “What’s the one secret that even your friends will never tell you?”

BreastActives claims to be the number one selling breast enhancement product, which makes sense, as aforementioned, after being in business for over 10 years they have probably sold more than any other breast cream company.

Breast Actives Benefits

How does BreastActives Work

BreastActives is a three-step natural enhancement program that uses all natural ingredients. What you receive when you order BreastActive is the following.

  • BreastActives topical breast cream
  • BreastActives herbal supplement in capsule form
  • A one of a kind breast exercise guide

What is required by breast actives is taking their supplement pills twice a day every day and rub in a small amount of their breast cream into each breast once a day. BreastActives claims it will make your breasts perkier, fuller, firmer and larger. Breast actives have several testimonials from women claiming to have had great success with their product. Their key selling points are that breast actives are:

  • The #1 Best Selling breast enhancement program
  • 100% Safe No risky or expensive breast surgery
  • All Natural do it yourself at home breast enlargement therapy

Ingredients are key to any breast enlargement product, breast creams work by producing phytoestrogens which are essential for breast enlargement. BreastActives openly discloses the ingredients in their breast cream, the active ingredients in BreastActives cream are 10% Pueraria Mirifica and 5% red clover extract.

Breast Actives Product

Other ingredients in BreastActives cream include AloeVera Concentrate, Purified Water, Lanolin, Lecithin, Fenugreek Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Red Clover Extract, Wild Yam Extract, Damiana Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Retinol A and Vitamin E.

Ingredients in the BreastActives supplement contains Vitamin E 60 IU, 400 mg of Fenugreek seed, 350 mg Dong Quai Root, 125 mg Blessed Thistle, 125 mg of Dandelion Root, 50 Mg Kelp, 50 mg watercress and 50 mg L-Tyrosine.As you can see that BreastActives is packed full of all the right phytoestrogen producing ingredients to help your breasts grow larger and fuller.

How much does Breast Actives cost?

  • 1 month supply of BreastActives cost $59.95
  • 2 months cost $109.95
  • 4 month supply $179.95
  • 6 month supply $239.95

The prices quoted above are from their website, but they include a good discount with considerable savings which are reflected in the prices I have listed above. BreastActives accepts several different payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Visa Electron, Maestro, and JCB. Their website is very secure and offers several security features, making your purchase safe and secure. Shipping insurance is also offered for a small fee of $3.99

Overall, BreastActives has nothing to hide, they disclose every detail about their product, which in itself provides a wealth of confidence.

BreastActives Warranty

BreastActives carries a 90-day money back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with their product you can refund the unused portion and receive a warranty on the unused portion, they do have a $10.00 restocking fee on returns.

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Brestrogen Cream

When you approach the Brestrogen website you are greeted with a simple and straightforward design with the Tagline, “Boost Your Body Confidence With Larger, Firmer & Lifted Breasts In Just Weeks From Now”

Brestrogen has been selling their product online for a few years now and has been very successful, unlike BreastActives, Brestrogen is a breast cream and comes as a standalone product, with no supplements to take and no exercises to perform.

Brestrogen claims that using their product will give women firmer, larger and lifted breasts within 6 to 7 weeks, in fact, they claim women will be able to see a 1 cup increase in size in as little as 6 to 7 weeks and up to two cup sizes in 5 to 6 months.

Brestrogen cream claims it is produced by some of the highest standards in an FDA approved lab. Brestrogen contains concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica, which increases a woman’s breast size, by expanding and lengthening the milk ducts in the underlying breast tissue, while at the same time increases fatty tissue in the breasts, making the breasts fuller and firmer. Brestrogen also helps maintain collagen levels in the skin,  which results in softer, smoother and naturally shaped breasts.

Brestrogen Breast Cream 50 ml Bottle

Some of the selling points of Brestrogen are that it contains a highly concentrated amount of Pueraria Mirifica but unfortunately, we could not find specific amounts.

Using Brestrogen

Brestrogen comes in a 50 ml airless spray bottle and is to be used by squirting three or four drops of the liquid onto each breast twice a day, morning and evening. Brestrogen is odorless and is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving no oily residue.

Other ingredients in Brestrogen besides Pueraria Mirifica include miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol, isoflavones and coumestrol which all work to firm and shape breasts. One thing Brestrogen does say on their website is that their product should be used for 6 months for best results, after that you can half the dosage to maintain your achieved breast size. Brestrogen claims women will see an increase of up to two cup sizes larger in 6 months time.

How much does Brestrogen cost?

The cost of Brestrogen is slightly more expensive than that of BreastActives, however, Brestrogen also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee on their product.

  • 1 Box of Brestrogen costs $74.97
  • 2 Boxes of Brestrogen Costs $149.94
  • 3 Boxes get the 4th for free costs $224.91

Brestrogen advertising claims

  • More beautiful breasts after nursing or due to the natural aging process
  • Brestrogen is absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving a mess to spoil or mark your clothes
  • Safe to use. No irritation or bad reactions to worry about
  • Brestrogen has a natural scent. No embarrassing questions or stares
  • Boost your confidence! You’ll no longer be judging yourself when you look in the mirror.

Buy Brestrogen Cream OnlineOur Conclusion

Both products have all the right ingredients to help your breasts grow, while Brestrogen offers a more simplistic approach of just applying a cream twice a day,  with BreastActives you are also required to take a supplement along with applying the cream.