How Long Will My Breast Enlargement Results Last?

Lady measuiring breast sizeThis is one of the most popular questions we receive from women and men looking to venture into the all natural breast enlargement world. There are many different natural breast augmentation methods, but most of them have the same purpose and most offer similar results. There are a variety of breast creams, serums, supplements and tonics that will help you achieve larger breasts, other methods include breast pumps to increase the blood flow to the breast area.

The big thing here is that if you are willing to sacrifice the time it takes to grow bigger boobs, you are also asking yourself after I have reached my goals, will the results stay and if so for how long. After all, who wants to go through all that hard work only to watch results fade after a few weeks.

In both cases using a breast cream or a breast enlargement pump it takes at least six months to see the full results, while most breast enlargement products claim results in as little as a few weeks, the real reality is; it is a tedious process that needs repetition and consistency, this means that the breast cream you are using has to be applied every day, usually twice a day for several months.

Whatever method you chose to increase your breast size, it will last, the most important thing is to make sure you go through the full cycle which is usually six months, you may choose to suspend using a particular cream but your results should last at least two to three months after discontinuing use of a particular product. For example, Brestrogen recommends using their product for six months and then using half the dose for maintenance, most women can get away with reducing their cream application from seven days a week, to two or three times per week.

Using a breast pump results may last slightly longer, mainly because with a breast pump girlwithbigboobssuch as the Noogleberry breast pump system you are actually drawing blood In to the breast area, more blood flow means more tissue growth, most women that use the pump for six months or more can actually reduce the use from seven days a week to only a couple of times per week.

Genetics can also play a role in how long your results last; this will be noticed once you begin using a particular method for increasing your breast size to its maximum potential. If you are a woman whose size increases rapidly most likely you may lose size faster than someone who achieves slower growth.