Making Your Breasts Look Nicer With Clothes

Woman in black low cut dressThe fashion world can tell women what to wear and all of the latest trends,  but when it comes down to what’s hot and what’s not, those glossy pages with all those attractive models showing off their assets does not help you, in fact when it comes to your breasts it is important they they stand out because they are a natural body part that highlights your overall figure. Regardless of your breast size big or small, the important thing is to make what you have looked great.

Most women find it hard to dress for their breast size, most women’s breasts are not perfectly shaped and most women don’t have naturally perky breasts, to begin with. Some women even try wearing loose-fitting tops, which does not look right, once again, regardless of your breast size it is important to show them off, the curvier you look the more attractive you are, which can also boost your self-confidence giving you that extra good feeling about yourself.

Women with small breasts

Women with small breasts tend to have pear-shaped bodies with a thicker butt and hips, if Woman with low cut dressyou have this body type it’s important to try and make the focus above your waist and on your breasts, there are certain things you can do to accomplish this.

Your breast is not the only thing that looks sexy, if you have small breasts try wearing a blouse that is low cut around the shoulders, wearing off the shoulder tops or tank tops will show your off shoulders making men focus more towards the top of your body. Add a push-up bra with the tank top and it will make your breasts look fuller and add more cleavage.

Wearing colorful scarfs and dark pants or slacks will make men focus more towards the top and make your waist and hips look smaller. Gathered blouses also have a tendency to make your breasts look larger.

Large breasted women

Woman with black top large breastsContrary to small-breasted women, large breasted women often complain of men focusing more on their breasts than any other body part. In fact, large breasted women tend to get all the attention, but large breasts have a tendency to sag more and often require women to use a good bra with extra support. If your breasts do sag you can always consider using a breast firming cream to help eliminate sagging and naturally firm them up.

Large Breasted women can help make their breasts look more natural by dressing with solid colors, darker colors will make your breasts and upper body look smaller, in most cases women with large breasts will look better with a blouse with a high neckline, in the winter try wearing a turtleneck, because it can make your body look more elongated. You can also wear gathered blouses that are looser in the breast area, making it harder to see how big your breasts actually are.

Dressing for your breast size is not easy and will take some practice, all you need is a good mirror and some time in a dressing room to find what makes your breasts look the best. In most cases it’s not about what is the best or trending style, it’s about making your body type look the best, there is really nothing wrong with sticking with some of the classic styles if it makes you look good who cares.