Realistic Expectations from Breast Enhancement Creams

Woman in purple lingerie with nice breastsIn the world of bust enlargement women know that surgery is king, but in spite of its risks, it is still the number one option for achieving a bigger bust size, for those women who are still on the fence about whether to go that route or not there are other options that do not require surgery.

Herbal creams are a good way for women to increase their bust size, but you should be aware that before you consider natural enhancement methods by no means can you gain anything close to the size you could with surgery.

Realistic gains and expectations

One of the biggest problems with herbal creams is that women have very unrealistic expectations of natural enlargement methods. Using a cream can have varying effects from one woman to another, some will see better results than others and a lot of this is simply due to genetics, this is no different than two people taking a weight loss pill and one losing more weight than the other, that is because of the difference in metabolism of each person.

Herbal creams work by tricking the body into producing more estrogen, when an herbal cream is applied directly to the breast it stimulates blood flow and causes new tissue growth. Breast creams contain certain herbs that mimic estrogen production in a woman’s body, slightly increasing the size of the underlying milk ducts, which is also a result of higher estrogen levels. Bust creams do not contain estrogen per say but they do contain plant estrogens, which act similarly to natural estrogen.

Side effects

This is one major question every woman asks, what is this that I am putting on my breasts, is it harmful? Just recently I did a breakdown of the ingredients in a very popular product and found that aside from the Pueraria Mirifica, all of the other ingredients were similar to those contained in makeup and hand lotion, making them very safe to use for an extended period of time.

How much bigger?

If in fact you decide on a natural bust enhancement alternative, most creams can increase your cup size up to two cup sizes larger, in realistic terms if you have an AA cup size you could expect a B cup, if you have a B cup you could expect between a C/D cup, but as mentioned above, results will vary, most women will gain between 1 and 2 cup sizes larger which can generally take between 3 and 6 months, so if you are not a patient person you may want to consider a different method.

Other methods

There is another method that can have a significant impact on breast growth and that is by using a breast enlargement pump, this is a less talked about method but can have a significant impact on growth, often increasing a woman’s bust size 4 cup sizes larger.