Reasons Why Nice looking Breasts are better than a Big Butt

Woman in lingerie covering breastsWhile you may be thinking that having a big behind is nicer than firm and rounder breasts, think again, over the last few years 2010 to be exact big butts have become more and more popular, many women have fantasized about having a big booty and for a good reason, stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj have made big butts all the rage. While you may think this is the norm, you may call me old school but I personally believe nice breasts are still a better asset than a big butt, and I will tell you why.

Nice breasts are the finishing touch on the female body, there is nothing sexier than a woman looking you in the eyes and just a few inches below are a nice pair of intrigue and mystery, most men love to fantasize about what is underneath that garment, a butt is just that, most women flaunting their butt are doing so with a tight pair of pants “ jeans” which leaves very little to the imagination.

Breasts look much better in bikinis

A nice firm pair of breasts are the ultimate eye candy, slightly covered with that bikini top and showing almost everything, the nipples are still covered, leaving a lot for the male imagination to ponder, sure G strings are legal but there again there is nothing left to the imagination, women with larger butts who wear normal cut bikini bottoms don’t look right because there is always something hanging out around the sides, whereas with breast a little extra hanging out looks nice and natural.

Breasts are the symbol of fertility

A butt is just a butt, sure it adds to the hourglass figure of a woman,  however, breasts are much more important, they are the symbol of fertility, this is often one of the reasons that men are attracted to larger breasted women because it symbolizes nurture and childbearing potential.

Breasts are fun

There is nothing nicer than a pair of breasts bouncing up and down, they are soft and cushy and are fun to touch, both men and women have something in common and that is they both have butts which take away the uniqueness, protruding breasts are something that only women possess making them completely unique.

Boobs are great regardless of their size

Ask any guy what kind of breasts he prefers and most will have a personal preference, then again most men will tell you that ultimately size is irrelevant, just as long as there is something there to fondle, men are happy.

Boobs can easily be firmed up regardless of their size, most women can get away with simple exercises or use a breast cream to firm up their breasts, increasing the size of your butt can also be done with exercise, in order to achieve a very large buttocks like some of the new artists usually involves a surgical procedure such as fat transfer which can be risky as well as costly