I had tried a couple of other breast creams in the past and never really saw results, Brestrogen has been incredible, not only are my breasts bigger they are more lifted, softer and smoother.

– Amaranta L

I hated the way my breasts looked and even in spite of exercise they still sagged, I finally decided to do something for myself. The results have been fantastic, all i can say is that Brestrogen is money well spent.

– Maria S

I am probably one of the few women not that actually bought this product to increase my breast size, my issue was due to three pregnancies and my breast began to sag terribly. I have been using Brestrogen for three months now and my breasts have firmed up nicely and are much smoother.

– Autumn R

No way this stuff will work! that was my first impression, but my husband said go for it, after 8 weeks I have gone from a flat A cup to a B cup, my husband says it is the best money he has ever spent.

– Beverly S

I am a real skeptic when it comes to these kind of products but I figured for what it cost it was worth a try, after three weeks I could feel some tightening in my breasts but after six weeks I have noticed my blouses getting tighter, definitely a good investment.

– Melissa C

I have tried way more expensive breast creams in the past, but none of them worked like this one, when my boyfriend noticed a difference, I know I had finally found something that really worked.

– Kimberly W

I recently tried Brestrogen only because it had a money back guarantee, I am a real skeptic, it only took me 3 weeks before I noticed a difference. The only regret i have is not knowing about the product sooner.

– Briana G

After my second child my breasts looked terrible they were sagging and ugly, all it took was two months of using Brestrogen and I could not believe the difference, no more sagging and they are now more lifted.

– Sabrina H

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