The Pros and Cons of Breast Enhancement Creams

Everyone tells you all the good things about breast creams but no one tells you about the bad. There are so many products available it can often be very hard to figure out which one is best, they all claim to give women bigger breasts but they don’t really tell you much more.

Breast creams come with many different ingredients, some are bundled with herbal pills, ultimately the purpose of using a breast cream is to improve the overall size and appearance of your breasts.


Volufiline is popular ingredient found in many breast creams, it has been scientifically developed to stimulate fat cell growth in the breast tissue making the breast larger, most creams containing Volufiline can increase a woman’s bust size anywhere between 8.5% and 10%,  the only drawback is that often these creams also contain parabens,  and while the amount is negligible it is still something many women don’t want to put in to their body. Breast creams containing Volufiline include Total Curve and Bountiful breasts.

Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraira Mirifica is another popular herb found in breast creams, Pueraira Mirifica can be used in a cream form or is also sold in a powder, either way this herb can stimulate natural estrogen production and has been proven to increase breast size, some of the other benefits of Pueraira Mirifica is that it boosts collagen production, helping eliminate stretch marks and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

On average over 80% of women who have used Pueraria Mirifica as a form of breast enlargement have seen a noticeable increase in breast size, one of the advantages of breast creams that contain this herb are usually paraben free such as Brestrogen.

There are other breast creams that combine ingredients such as Sarsapogenin “Anemarrhena Asphodeloide”  a root found in Asia, Macelignan “nutmeg nut oil” and Macadamia nut oil, combining these three ingredients will have a positive effect on increasing adipose tissue volume through stimulation of the PPAR-Y2 receptors making the breasts larger. One product that contains the above ingredients is called Vollure breast cream.

Most breast creams are so busy trying to sell their products based on increasing breast size, when in fact there are so many women that simply want to eliminate sagging breasts and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, in most cases breast creams can be very effective

So what is the downside of using a breast cream?

Results are not always permanent: Depending on the breast cream,  after discontinued use some women will only maintain about 85% of their size gains,  not in all cases but in some, products containing Pueraria Mirifica seem to be more effective than  breast creams containing Volufiline.

Hormone instability: some breast creams can have an adverse affect on women because increasing phytoestrogens can destabilize hormone levels, so if you are on some kind of hormone therapy or birth control it may not be a good idea to use a breast cream.

Breast size limitations: When it comes to breast size most breast creams are only capable of so much, in a best case scenario most women should only expect between a one and two cup size increase,  which for many women this is more than sufficient but if you are looking for anything bigger a surgical procedure may be the only alternative.