What is the Better Breast Enlargement Cream

What is the Better Breast Enlargement Cream Brestrogen or Vollure?

Searching for a breast enlargement cream online can take its toll, and yes breast creams can make a big difference in the appearance of your breasts. Breast enhancement creams may seem expensive but they are well worth the money. The real question is what is the best option.

Woman in black bra showing off firm breastsIn this article, I will review two of the top selling breast creams to help you make an educated choice.  Both Vollure and Brestrogen have been in the marketplace for some time, both do provide exceptional benefits, each one has different ingredients, yet are very effective in their own way.

The reason I chose these two products is because both are paraben free and are safe for everyday use, unlike other breast creams that come accompanied with a dietary supplement both of these breast enhancement creams are simple to use and only need to be applied twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night after a shower or bath.

Brestrogen breast serum

4 oz bottle of Brestrogen creamA one-month supply of Brestrogen (4 oz) cost $74.97 and is cheaper if you purchase a larger quantity. Brestrogen contains concentrated amounts of Pueraria Mirifica which has been proven to increase breast size.

Brestrogen works by naturally mimicking estrogen production, when Brestrogen is massaged into the breast it helps improve blood flow and increases the size of the underlying milk ducts, this is a completely natural process, lack of estrogen is often one of the causes of sagging or drooping breasts. => Click here to learn more

Many women often purchase Pueraria Mirifica powder and make up their own breast enlargement concoction which can be cheaper, the benefit of Brestrogen is that it is premixed with just the right amount, if used consistently over a 45 day period women will see an increase of up to one cup size larger. Using Brestrogen for 12 weeks or more can increase the size of your breasts up to two cup sizes or larger. Brestrogen comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Vollure breast enhancement cream

4 oz Bootle of Vollure breast creamVollure breast cream has gone through many changes over the last few years creating a quality breast cream,  Vollure breast cream is sold by Bauer Nutrition which has been in the health and beauty industry for many years.

Vollure is paraben free and has three key ingredients to help women increase the size of their breasts up to 8.4 %, this is about 1 ½ cup sizes larger in less than 60 days, initial results can bee seen within the first few weeks. => Click here to learn more

The ingredients in Vollure are different than those found in Brestrogen. The active ingredients in Vollure are Sarsopogenin & Maceligan which are derivatives that come from nutmeg and Macadamia nut oil,  applying Vollure twice a day naturally increases fatty tissue in the breasts making them fuller and firmer.

Vollure is  cheaper than Brestrogen, a (4 oz) bottle of Vollure cost just under $70.00 purchasing two or more makes it even cheaper. Vollure comes with a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with their product.

Which one is better

Obviously when it comes to price Vollure is the clear winner, however, Brestrogen seems to to do a better job and focuses more on increasing breast size while Vollure does an extremely good job at not only increasing volume it also helps improve skin texture and helps reduce sagging, either way you can’t go wrong, both products deliver on their promise.

Speaking from my own personal experience if your main goal is to increase the size of your breasts, Brestrogen is the clear winner, but if your goal is to improve the overall look of your breasts by lifting and firming them Vollure would be the clear choice, the benefit of purchasing either product is that they are both backed by a 60 day money back guarantee giving you ample time to try either product.